Watch Now – Road Show 2010 in Brandon: Outcomes Measurement


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Vermont’s nonprofit sector generally relies on anecdotal evidence and general good will to argue for its many successes. There is increasing pressure from funders and the public to describe how we make our communities better places to live. But how do we measure results and actual progress to make sure resources are being used wisely? With the experience of our colleagues at the United Way and learn how to set realistic goals, track progress and tell the story of how your organization makes a difference in your community.

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One Response to “Watch Now – Road Show 2010 in Brandon: Outcomes Measurement”

  1. Douglas Tanner

    Nice video. The New England Network, which is a local organization for Vermonters, provides training and tools that community based organizations can use to actually identify and track outcomes, based on participant achievements – I don’t agree that people already have this information, I rarely find that to be the case and I’ve done this type of training successfully for nine years – all over the country. Anyone who is interested in learning more about this can find information on our website:

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