Policies & Procedures Tips from IdeaEncore Part II

This is the second part of the two part series on important policies and procedures that IdeaEncore recommends to all nonprofits. Below you will find examples that are crucial for nonprofit operations.

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These policies, handbooks, and procedures are not requested in the IRS Form 990, however, they are indispensable for a well run nonprofit in all countries.

Good Practice Policies

These policies aren’t required by law for nonprofits operating in the United States, but they are strongly recommended for all nonprofits.

If your organization has any of the following policies and procedures, help your nonprofit colleagues by sharing these vital documents on IdeaEncore:

  • Compensation Review Policies
  • Business and Travel Expense Policies
  • Joint Venture Policy
  • Audit Policy
  • Audit Committee Instructions
  • Fundaising Policies
  • Form 990 Disclosure Policy
  • Disclosure of Governance Policy
  • Additional samples of the policies above

Encores of the Week
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Kind regards from Scott Bechtler-Levin, ScottB-L@IdeaEncore.com

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