Toolkit: Policies & Procedures Resources from IdeaEncore 4/12/2011

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Sound essential policies and procedures are essential for a successful nonprofit and are all too often overlooked.

Form 990, the tax form that most nonprofits must file, asks whether your organization has adopted certain policies and procedures. Although not mandated by Internal Revenue Code, well-run nonprofits have these policies in place.

Here are samples of a few of the most important policies and procedures:

Also check out these great guides for preparing important nonprofit policies on IdeaEncore:

No IdeaEncore users have uploaded  examples of the following policies identified in Form 990. If your organization has these policies or procedures, we ask you to help your nonprofit colleagues by sharing these vital documents on IdeaEncore:

  • Compensation Review Policies
  • Business and Travel Expense Policies
  • Joint Venture Policy
  • Audit Policy
  • Audit Committee Instructions
  • Fundaising Policies
  • Form 990 Disclosure Policy
  • Disclosure of Governance Policy
  • Additional samples of the policies above

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