Low Cost/No Cost Tools: Online Essentials Part 3

Each week, we will be highlighting some great low or no cost tools that nonprofit professionals use on the CommonGood Vermont blog.  This week we will be showcasing “Essentials”, some basic tools that every  tech savvy nonprofit need.

If you have a tool that you can’t work without, please email us at coordinator@commongoodvt.org. We’d love to hear what Vermont’s nonprofits are using to get their work done!


Prezi is a presentation tool that helps you organize and share your ideas. This tool is both on and offline and is free. This is Powerpoint 2.0, the newew, flashier version of those boring presentations we’ve all sat through.  Prezi allows you to put movement and flow to your presentation, making it more enjoyable, interesting and relevant for your viewers.

  • —Create prezis online or work offline with Prezi Desktop
  • —Start with 100 MB cloud storage
  • —Present online or off
  • —Free iPad app
  • —Collaborate with Prezi Meeting


Organize your brain.  This is an interactive list creator that allows you add, edit and tag everything you do and think about. For busy nonprofit leaders that have to wear many hats, this program allows you to make those to-do lists but even more usefulness, information and ease. The reviews for this are amazing and it is really easy to use with videos available to show you how to do everything. And of course there is an app for that!


causecastCauseCast for Nonprofits

Offers fundraising support, volunteer management and direct connections between nonprofits and businesses.  They supply non-profits with promotion, fundraising tools, and an extensive resource library. That pretty much takes care of the gamut of a non-profit’s purpose, well besides helping people. Out of the 1,589 nonprofits they serve.




Doodle is the scheduling solution that can free you from the tedious email threads that clutter up your inbox with eight different people conferring on their respective availability. Identify a few potential windows for the call or meeting you’re trying to schedule, and ask everyone who needs to be there to identify all the times that could work for them (not just their preferred windows). Doodle makes it easy to spot the time slot that works for all of them, or as many as possible. Reduce the stress of scheduling with other busy nonprofit leaders and focus more on the content of the meeting.



It’s a social media “dashboard” that allows you to monitor and post to all your networks simultaneously. This  is a huge timesaver. When you’ve written something new, or read something you want to share on my networks, you can let everyone know with a single entry, rather than having to log on to each network separately. You can use it to manage my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts, and you can also use it with Tumblr, WordPress, and Foursquare. It’s free for up to 5 social profiles.



Canva is a simple, drag-and-drop, image design software that’s completely online and free to use. Now you can make your own meme, add a striking image to a presentation or even build your brand with this really easy-to-use design website.

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