New Economy Week: Planning Meeting 8/2 & 8/12

Thanks to Gwendolyn Hallsmith from Vermont New Economy for sharing this with us.

VTneweconomyJoin Vermonters for a New Economy! We are a group of individuals and organizations who are working to design and enjoy all the new ways we can own and operate businesses, earn income, make exchanges, do our banking and investment, and measure the economy’s contribution to human and environmental well-being. We support sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and energy efficiency, creativity and knowledge based enterprises, affordable housing, and healing arts as the economic drivers of Vermont’s future.

The planning meetings will be held online, to make it easy for everyone from around the state to participate. For the next meeting, on August 2nd, we’ll use Google Hangout. There is a “Circle” called Vermonters for a New Economy and added people’s names to it who were at the last planning meeting up in Burlington, and who have served on our steering committee.

If you want to participate and need help using Google Hangout, let us know.

Email: vtneweconomy (at) gmail (dot) com

Phone: (802) 851-7697

Host a Hangout

If you’d like to host a F2F meeting that can be part of the hangout, let us know and we’ll alert people to the location. I will offer to host a F2F meeting on the 12th in my office in Montpelier. (F2F = Face to Face). The site for F2F meetings needs to have a computer that can accommodate the people who join us online – decent speakers, a video camera, etc. There can also be several F2F meetings connected through the hangout.

Program for the New Economy Week:

October 11 – 20, 2013

We are making progress with the program and activities for New Economy Week. We need people to help us organize a series of events:

1) October 11th – Financing the New Economy with Michael Shuman, a conference on the new investment models made possible by the JOBS Act.

2) October 12th – Singing and Dancing for the New Economy at the Old Labor Hall in Barre.

3) State Bank Town Meeting Campaign – official launch and informational meetings in cities and towns all over the state. 10 Towns signed up so far!

4) Open Houses in Cooperatives and Worker Owned Businesses. Rumors of a Cooperative Summit at Mad River Glen.

5) Measuring What Matters – examples of how to measure human and environmental health and wealth.

There is plenty of room on the program for other events as well. If you have ideas, or know of other things happening that week that fit the theme, let us know.

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