Don’t Be A Victim to Patent Trolls

patenttrollsHave you, or another nonprofit you know, encountered a patent troll? Patent Trolls are people or companies who enforce patent rights to collect license fees, but do not actually make products or supply services. At its worse this activity verges on extortion. Companies (nonprofit and otherwise) can be sued for innocuous things like owning a scanner or using a shopping cart on their website.

A coalition of individuals, businesses and associations (and hopefully nonprofits) are putting together a panel on patent trolls, the incredible steps Vermont has taken to protect Vermonters from patent trolls and the further steps needed to definitively protect us all from Patent Trolls. The panel date has yet to be set, but it will likely take place in late September or early October in Burlington.

If you have had an encounter with a patent troll and are willing to share your story or participate in the discussion, email Elliott Bent at or discuss this with others on Common Good Vermont Forum.

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