Govenor Shumlin Signs S.293 – The Outcomes Bill

Posted on CCTV on 6/11/14.

Governor Peter Shumlin signs S.293, “The Outcomes Bill”, designed to increase accountability and improve decision making throughout Vermont state government was approved by the Vermont House of Representatives on April 30, 2014. Sponsored by Senator Diane Snelling, S.293, “An Act Relating to reporting on population-level outcomes and indicators and on program level performance measures”, the bill enables the  use of results based policy making in the Vermont Legislature, throughout state government and Vermont’s social sector.

Present at the signing were supporters of the bill: Senator Diane Snelling (R)/ Chittenden County, Susan Zeller, Chief Performance Officer of VT Agency of Administration, Lauren-Glenn Davitian, Executive Director of Common Good Vermont, Monica Hutt, Director of Policy and Planning and Dru Roessle of Vermont Agency of Human Services, and Hilary Boone of Benchmarks for a Better Vermont.

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