What is Compassion? David Breaux’s Tour of Our Country

“David H. Breaux has been standing quietly at the corner of Third and C streets in downtown Davis since 2009. Five years ago, after some tumult in his own life, he looked inward and, after some soul-wrenching inquiry, dedicated himself to compassion, to the simple task of asking people to share their written concept of the word.” – The Davis Enterprise, May 23, 2014

He waits, notebook in hand, to solicit passers-by for their definition of the word compassion.   It is a remarkably simple thing, yet his presence has had a profound effect upon that community.

Davidʼs main goal: inspire people to think about what compassion means to them and act that out in their own lives.

The Compassion Tour came to Church Street in Burlington and CCTV caught up with David to learn more about what he’s doing and seek some wisdom when it comes to bullies and situations where having compassion is a challenge.

Sylvan Zeitlyn interviews David Breaux while he is in Burlington, VT, about his trip through the US asking people about their understanding of compassion.

Follow David on his tour at CompassionGuy.com and learn more about the history of his journey to understand compassion at DavisWiki.

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