7 Awesome Emails to Inspire Your Year-End Campaigns

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The holiday season moves through many different phases as we carve turkey, wrap presents, and watch the ball drop. So too, should your year-end appeals reflect the transition donors experience.

With the season already underway, it’s time to consider what last minute tactics your organization can incorporate into your year-end strategy. When an estimated 30 percent of annual giving takes place in the month of December, your email communications are more important than ever. An effective mix of email messaging will ensure your organization remains top of mind and secures as many donations as possible during this pivotal giving season.

The focus of year-end emails should be on the donor. Language such as, “thank you,” “without you,” and “because of you,” serve to center the email on the actions of the donor and connect them directly to the outcomes of your work.

While the focus of all communication should be on the donor, the message in each should vary and present the reader with new information and opportunities. Your goal should be to send a mix of communications that highlight different initiatives, which will in turn increase your chances for resonating with more of your supporters.

To help inspire your communications, we’ve collected seven examples that place emphasis on different elements of fundraising.

1. Give Thanks

2. Highlight a Matching Grant

3. Suggest Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

4. Get pumped for #GivingTuesday

5. Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly

6. Ask for a Recurring Gift

7. Create a Sense of Urgency

To avoid sending donors every single one of the examples above, target donors most likely to respond to each type of messaging. Use data to segment your list. For example, donors who have donated more than once in the last year are great targets for a year-end email that mentions your recurring giving program.

When you diversify your asks during the holidays, your organization has the potential to engage with each of your donors in a more meaningful way. Make this the best holiday season yet and commit to targeted messaging in your email communications.

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