Third Annual Nonprofit Management Summer Camp Registration Open

Welcome to Summer Camp

Marlboro College Center for New Leadership

Friday, July 29, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EDT)

The third annual Nonprofit Management Summer Camp is a retreat for nonprofit professionals in beautiful southern Vermont. Participants have the opportunity to take two workshops focused on the competencies of their choice. Workshops are tool-based, out-of-your-seat sessions, that encourage participation, connection, and fun.

Summer Camp is an inexpensive way to receive the training you need in an amount of time you can work with. Join us for a day of catching up, connecting with your nonprofit colleagues and innovating sector leaders, and eating s’mores.

Workshop Descriptions

Morning Sessions: choose one

Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Personal Brand with Kate Paine

Have a LinkedIn profile but not sure if it represents who you are and what you know? Does it tell your story and set you apart from others who have similar skills as yours? Want to learn how to engage on LinkedIn to build yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field?


If you have a general knowledge of LinkedIn, then this presentation will take your LinkedIn engagement a step further. We’ll briefly cover basic profile tips, best practices, and etiquette but you’ll leave with tools to enhance your profile to reflect your personal brand in a way that’s more personal and reflective of the professional you are.

We’ll do a class exercise on how to create your own keyword optimized headline so that you can be better found by LinkedIn and Google search engines. (Hint: It’s not your job title.) Analyzing a couple of others’ profiles on what works well and what could be improved will create group discussion, which will help you enhance your profile.

Time Management with Claire Wheeler

In this workshop we will cover the fundamentals of time management, allowing you to give and get the most in your work and life. Come and learn about the tricks, tools, and life hacks to increase your productivity, minimize your stress, and make an impact… all in a day’s work.

The Role of Trust and Shared Leadership for Collective Impact with Jodi Clark

Collective Impact is a framework for collaboration that requires a high degree of trust, openness, and shared leadership. In this workshop, participants will learn about a case study of Vermont collective impact where results-based accountability served as the shared measurement system. The group will explore practices and tools to help develop stakeholder trust and shared leadership within collective impact initiatives.

Afternoon Sessions: choose one

Clarifying Your Top Values & Life Vision with Travis Hellstrom

Thoreau said “We may be very industrious, and yet not spend our time well.” Taking a step back to manage ourselves is key as leaders in the nonprofit world. In this workshop we will take a look at your personal life, clarify the top five values that are most important to you and then take those five values and apply them to your larger vision for your life. By helping you make your life more extraordinary we will make your impact that much greater in your organization and beyond

Storytelling & Presentation Skills with Hillary Boone

Stories are powerful drivers of culture and compelling calls to action. In this workshop participants learn the major components of good stories and use these insights to unearth stories in their own lives. We will work on our own presentation skills through the development of a three-minute oral story for personal or professional use.

What I Wish I’d Known: Planning The Best GivingTuesday Yet with Debra Askanase

Is it too early to prepare for GivingTuesday? No, it’s just the right time! Join us for a hands-on workshop, facilitated by nonprofit digital engagement specialist Debra Askanase. Debra will highlight what’s hot in online giving, digital trends, and how they inform GivingTuesday. She’ll also present a successful GivingTuesday case study, and a framework for designing your own winning GivingTuesday fundraising campaign. There will be time for hands-on campaign design and shared discussion. You’ll leave with a framework, campaign ideas, and a path for developing your own GivingTuesday campaign that will move your stakeholders to action on November 29, 2016!

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