VDOL Encourages Internships and Apprenticeships as Key Step to Grow the Vermont Workforce

The Vermont Department of Labor (VDOL) staff members talk every day with employers who are concerned about their ability to recruit new workers to

fill their openings. As the workforce in Vermont – and nationally – is aging, there is intense competition for qualified

workers. One of the most successful strategies for developing your own “pipeline” of workers is to participate in

internship and apprenticeship programs.


According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Survey:

67.7% of 2007-08 interns were offered full-time positions;

83.6% of these offers were accepted;

35.3% of employers’ full-time, entry-level college hires came from an internship.


Apprenticeship programs are also a major benefit to employers and workers alike, and there is significant funding from the federal government coming to

Vermont to fund apprenticeships and related instruction.



For more info on how to get involved, call the Department (for internships call 828-4156; for apprenticeships call 828-5250)

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