Website Development Grants and Free Marketing Consulting Available to Lamoille County Businesses

The Lamoille Economic Development Corporation has identified website development and a successful marketing strategy as key components in the success of our small and medium sized businesses.

“These days, having a website is as important as having a phone number,” says John Mandeville, Executive Director of LEDC. “That is why we created this grant program, to assist area businesses to grow and flourish, by providing expertise with this important element of marketing their business.”
Any Lamoille County for-profit business, with at least one potential full-time employee, who does not already have a website of their own, is eligible to apply to LEDC for the Website Development Grant. Business recipients work with an LEDC marketing consultant to develop the materials they will need to create their site. The next step is the development of the website, followed by training on how to update and maintain the site. Once the website is ready, a marketing plan for promoting the site is created by the business owner and LEDC marketing consultant.
In addition to the website grant, our marketing consultant also offers assistance with marketing planning and implementation free of charge to the business community in Lamoille County. This assistance includes: Marketing Planning, Online Marketing, Advertising, Branding, and Press Releases.
When asked why the LEDC has chosen to launch this new initiative, John Mandeville, the LEDC Executive Director, said “for those area businesses who are very good at producing the products they sell, but are not equally adept at profitably marketing and selling their products, our aim is to ensure that professional marketing help is there if they need it. Combining the website development grant with the free marketing consulting and LEDC’s other resources seems like a great way to provide Lamoille County businesses with tools to help them run successful ventures.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the website development grant or marketing consulting services available from the LEDC should contact John Mandeville at 802-888-5640 or

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