Sustainable Digital Offers Technology Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Thank you to Bob Lawson of Sustainable Digital for sharing these resources. Bob will be providing a series of blog posts on various nonprofit issues. Common Good Vermont will also be interviewing him in an upcoming video segment. 

Sustainable Digital was founded by consultant Bob Lawson to assist nonprofits and international NGOs in the fast-changing fields of online communication and technology. Not-for-profits face difficult challenges in these areas and this is where Sustainable Digital is designed to help. With one foot in each of these fields, and experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors, Bob is uniquely equipped to offer assistance.

Bob began his career at the United Nations in Geneva and New York where he helped edit and write an independent magazine focused on social and economic development. He later worked as an editor and publisher in business and environmental fields before fully embracing the online world in the 1990s. Since then, he has worked at a variety of internet companies in the US, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain where he has focused on technology, marketing, and operations.

Bob has often played the role of technological innovator, helping organizations adopt new systems and software tools. But Bob is also a communicator, and it is this marriage of technology and communication that makes Sustainable Digital unique.

We are here to help you with digital communication, from the web to social media and fundraising. And we’re here to help with technology, from use in the field in project delivery to use in your organization’s internal operations.

Upcoming Training & Audit Opportunities:

Technology Training:

A half-day training for nonprofit staff that shows how to work more efficiently by using the latest software, utilities and mobile apps. More information.

Technology Audits:

A full analysis of technology used in a nonprofit, from collaboration and communication tools to CRM, online fundraising, mobile apps and more. This analysis, including detailed recommendations, is presented in a well documented format to facilitate implementation.  More information.

Digital Communication Audits:

This audit includes a full analysis of a nonprofit’s digital communication activities, from web to social media to eNewsletters and more. A concise management report shows what the nonprofit is doing right and what it can do differently to get more from its online communication efforts. More information.

Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Bob Lawson and a series of blog posts!

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