5 Opportunities For Storytelling During Year-End Appeals

Source: The Storytelling Non-Profit

We are a few days into October and now is the time when many fundraisers are starting to feel the crunch of year-end fundraising. While it is a great time of year to be asking for gifts, donors are getting a ton of requests for charities they currently support as well as ones that are trying to acquire them as a donor. This presents a problem for many non-profits – how can you ensure that your appeal stands out from the crowd?

My short answer to this is to tell a compelling story.

Facts, statistics, and general information are not memorable or interesting enough when you are building a case for support. There needs to be a narrative behind it that engages donors and gives them compelling reasons to donate. This story could be a story about an individual or it could be your theory of change story. Choose a story and a positioning that will resonate with your audience. 

There are many opportunities to share that story and the best year-end campaigns will take a multi-channel approach to storytelling and fundraising. This means that they will make asks and share stories across multiple channels such as direct mail, email, and more.

As you continue thinking about how to put together your year-end appeal or campaign, here are a few great opportunities to consider.

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My name is Vanessa Chase Lockshin, and I want to empower you to tell your story. In my personal life, finding ways to tell my stories has been a transformational practice. In my fundraising life, I’ve helped hundreds of organizations tell their stories to engage and inspire their donors. To date, my work has helped non-profits raise over $10 million. Read More…

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