BoardSource: Leadership Transition Resources, Timeline for CEOs & More

 Thank you to Boardsource for sharing these transition resources for nonprofits: 

Transition Timeline

Is your executive transition plan up to date? Even if you’re not expecting a transition in the near future, you’ll want to be prepared when the time comes. Download this graphical resource to learn more about the stages of a chief executive transition and the key steps and personnel involved in each one.

Executive transitions vary in length based on the unique circumstances of each organization. However, almost every transition involves the same phases and key steps oh behalf of the board and staff members.

This graphical resource provides a blueprint executive transition timeline that nonprofits can use to help prepare for an upcoming transition or to update their succession planning process.



Interim Executive Leadership

It is important to understand the difference between the various types of temporary executive leadership. Is your organization looking for a seasoned executive to provide shorter, bridge leadership until you hire a permanent CEO? Or are you in need of a long-term executive to help the organization transition? Find out here.


Being Interim

In the latest BoardSource blog post, senior governance consultant Katha Kissman discusses her history of serving as an interim nonprofit executive. She explains the various roles interim executives are asked to serve as well as the challenges and opportunities that come from providing temporary leadership.




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