Designing for Good #5: The Best of End-of-Year Email Campaigns

This article is part of a series, Designing for Good, featuring Steve MacLaughlin by  on Oct 4, 2016 | NONPROFIT-MARKETING

With the giving season almost upon us, we’ve mined Steve’s email goldmine and other corners of the web to find our favorite EOY email design inspirations. We’re highlighting the best of last December’s appeals and some of our favorite fundraising emails from 2016 to help kick off your end-of-year email campaigns.

How did we decide which emails were the best? We judged our favorites using criteria from John Haydon:

  1. The hook: Does the email grab our attention?
  2. The hold: How successfully does the email keep our attention?
  3. The call-to-action: How strong is the final call to engage, volunteer, or donate?

Enjoy! And after you’re done, you should check out Really Good Emails for another treasure trove of email marketing gems. Stay inspired, designers for good!

International Rescue Committee creates real urgency with “Match ends at midnight” masthead, dynamic timer, and perfect imagery. We also love the snapshot in footer of how each donation dollar is used. Oxfam uses wonderfully bright, punchy colors throughout with a prominent yet not shouty marquee plea for immediate action.

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