New Data on Cities and Towns in Vermont from Census Bureau’s American Community Survey


The U.S. Census Bureau today released new data from the American Community Survey, providing statistics on more than 40 social, economic and housing topics for U.S. communities nationwide, including data about all cities and towns in Vermont.

Today’s release features data collected over five years between 2011 and 2015 and includes the following:



Data Profiles – 2011-15 American Community Survey


<Selected Social Characteristics>

<Selected Economic Characteristics>

<Selected Housing Characteristics>

<ACS Demographic and Housing Estimates>


By pooling multiple years of data, the American Community Survey is able to produce a rolling sample of estimates for cities, towns, counties and other geographies, regardless of their population size.


For the first time, the 5-year dataset includes comparison profile tables that allow users to easily identify statistically significant changes between two sets of nonoverlapping releases (in this case: 2006-10 and 2011-15). This is the second set of American Community Survey data released this year. The first, in September produced estimates based on data collected in 2015 for areas with populations of 65,000 or more.


If you have any questions about the data, please don’t hesitate to contact me I’d be happy to walk through the data with you or help you with any other Census Bureau data needs. I can also deliver free trainings to you and your colleagues about how to access and use the data.


If you would like to arrange an interview with a data expert, please contact our Public Information Office (; 301-763-3030).


To learn more about the American Community Survey — how it works and what it’s used for, you can also visit us at




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