7 Ways to Make 2017 A Happy Healthy Year for You and Your Nonprofit


We are all familiar with the tradition of making a New Year’s resolution where we promise to start a self-improvement habit or stop an unhealthy one. But what if everyone in your nonprofit pledged to initiate an activity that promoted organizational well-being and resulted in improved productivity?

As we write in our book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit, workplace activities that foster an ethos of “WE-care,” the organizational version of “Self-Care,” are typically group undertakings in the form of activities that help your staff work together to acquire self-care habits and practices.

Here are some ideas for New Year’s resolutions to help your nonprofit build resilience in 2017:

1. Communal Meals

Eating at your desk is unhealthy and isolating, and yet so many nonprofit workers squeeze in more work by doing just that. Build community and connections amongst staff with communal meals.

Amy Sample Ward of NTEN noticed that staff was often eating at their desks. “So we decided to have a weekly communal healthy brown bag lunch on Thursdays. We have remote staff, so we bring them in via a Google Hangout, and they join us at the table.”

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