The Prodigy Problem: A Systems Leadership Case Study 2/8

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When a brilliant and skilled young executive impressed his colleagues in year one, but had them deeply frustrated by year two, his CEO reached out with a classic question: “How do I lead this?” 
The case illustrates universal change management skills a CEO and other team members can employ to manage any high stakes relationship challenge. Guided by Bowen theory, and by managing himself, the CEO helped walk the situation away from the edge, and transform the senior team culture.  They came out ready to pivot into a new future together.
This morning will help you: 
-Gain strategies for overcoming high stakes people leadership challenges
-Lead when two colleagues are in conflict
-Identify the 3 common blind spots of frustrated, benevolent leaders
-Understand the science of relationship leadership
-Determine if an executive is capable of changing
-Build a culture of dynamic emotional maturity
This event is for: 
-Senior Executives and their Teams
-Family Business Members
-Trusted Advisors to Family Enterprises and Executives
-Business Owners
-New Managers
When: February 8, 2017 from 8.30 AM to 12 PM
Where: Holiday Inn, South Burlington, VT
$200 per individual
$300 for 2 members of the same team
$400 for 3 members of the same team
To register now, please click here.
About the speaker:
Erik Thompson, MA, leadership psychologist and designer of the “Leading by Managing Self” course, will bring his 25-year study of the science of relationship leadership systems, and on-site experience coaching hundreds of senior leaders nationally, to this thought-provoking, and downto-earth conversation about the vital challenges of transformational people leadership and change management.  Erik is the founder of Thompson Leadership Development, Inc, and volunteers as the Executive Director of the Vermont Center for Family Studies, which will receive a percentage of the profits from this event to further its mission – to strengthen the families of our region by training professionals to use Bowen theory.

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