Watch: #WorkLifeBalance Series – Work Life Balance is Dead: How to Live Well Anyway with Flip Brown

Balance is a continual, internal process that can be integrated into your daily routine. On January 26, 2017, Flip Brown joined Common Good Vermont and its online audience to offer ten tips to shift your perspective, setting boundaries and cultivating healthy detachment.

Flip Brown started Business Culture Consultants August of 2000, based on the assessment that owners, leaders, and managers would benefit from a personalized way to “get out of their own way.” He provides executive coaching, management consultation, and facilitation services in client organizations, and two annual transformational workshops the (at Esalen and Breitenbush retreat centers).

Save the Date:
February 9, 2017 — Join us for the second webcast in our
#WorkLifeBalance Series – Calm within the Storm: Finding Inner Balance

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