Asking for Donations: Three Ways to Overcome the Fear

Published by Joan Garry Consulting, and written by Joan Garry



  1. It Makes People Feel Good To Give Money to Causes They Care About
    This is what I consider to be Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. Even high-powered grownups don’t get this. It’s not like some weird awkward thing like being pressured into buying a used car. When people write checks large or small, they are saying not just, “Yes I can do this,” but ,“Yes I WANT to do this.”
  2. Money = Programs
    Anxious board members sometimes worry that the donor prospect doesn’t know where her money will go – like you are going to add a speed oven in your new kitchen. Really? I have a client who ties the dollar amount of the ask to something specific. “Would you make a gift of $489? Odd number I know but it happens to be the number of calls that came into our help desk last week. Can I count on you?” Done right you’ll get $500.
  3. Remember It’s Your Job
    Maybe you’re on the staff and it’s literally your job. But asking for donations is the job of board members too. And if you were not told that when you were interviewed, I’m telling you right now.And if you are the Executive Director or the Finance Director or the receptionist, it’s your job too. Every single person associated with the organization should feel a duty to raise funds.


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