Watch: Clear Spot Communications Consulting for Vermont Nonprofits

Channel 17 Center for Media and Democracy presents an interview with Katie Titterton of Clear Spot and Morgan Webster of Common Good Vermont, filmed Feb. 10, 2017: 

Morgan Webster, Common Good Vermont Director, speaks with Katie Titterton, Founder of Clear Spot, about starting and sticking to a communications calendar.
Why is it important for small nonprofits to set up a yearly communications schedule? Half a day of planning now will help your nonprofit communications be focused and consistent through the year — and that means better visibility and donor relationships.
Katie Titterton founded Clear Spot: Communications consulting for Vermont nonprofits after many years in nonprofit communications, marketing, and fundraising. Clear Spot specializes in content and strategic support for small and lean mission-driven organizations. She is passionate about listening carefully, building community, and creating content that gets results. Katie is a 2016 graduate of the Vermont Leadership Institute of the Snelling Center for Government, a professional writer, loves to read, cook, volunteer, and spend time outside in Vermont with her family, friends, and dog.

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