Celebrating Women & Vermont’s Economy on International Women’s Day

Join us in thanking and recognizing Vermont women’s impact on our economy!

Organizational Leadership:

According to Change the Story’s 2016 Status Report, women own 23,417 businesses in Vermont, which employ 36,326 people, and generate annual revenues of approximately $2.2 billion. Common Good Vermont’s 2016 Wages & Benefits Study shows Vermont’s female nonprofit executive directors are more likely to work smaller budget organizations (72%). Twenty percent (20%) work in nonprofits with revenues of $5 – 10 million. Fifty percent (50%) lead organizations with over $10 million in revenues. In most organizational budget categories, female ED’s earn less than their male counterparts. The overall gender pay gap between men ($48.54/hour) and women ($35.69/hour) in all categories is significant. The female:male salary ratio is 73.5%. Download the Report.


On the benefits front, Vermont nonprofit employers are more likely to offer paid Family Medical Leave (23%), Maternity Leave (25%), and Paternity Leave (16%) than those in Maine and New Hampshire. Currently, H.196 is being considered by the Vermont Legislature. The bill proposes a Family Leave Insurance Program within the Vermont Department of Labor that will provide employees with 12 weeks of paid family leave, funded by contributions from employers and employees. Read VCW’s feasibility study and watch an ORCA Media video of the press conference here.

Political Leadership:

According to Vermont Works for Women’s Change the Story initiative, Vermont ranks #1 in the country in the proportion of women serving as state legislators.However, just ONE woman currently holds statewide elective office. Indeed, of the 294 citizens elected to hold statewide office since 1778, only 11 have been women.

Learn more and download the reports below:

Do you have questions about women’s legal rights?

The Vermont Commission on Women’s handbook, The Legal Rights of Women in Vermont might provide answers. Chapters include: Adoption, Guardianship and Emancipated Minors; Consumer Protection and Fair Credit; Domestic Relations; Education; Employment Rights; Housing and Property Rights; Immigration; Insurance; Name Changes; Public Accommodations; Public Assistance and Government Benefits; Reproductive Rights; Violence Against Women and Children; and Wills, Probate Court, and Advanced Directives.

Additional Resources:

  • A 200+ page Resource Directory of local, state and national organizations.
  • Publications on frequently asked about topics like family leave or sexual harassment.
  • A statewide event calendar: Learn about conferences, meetings and workshops for women and girls by using our event calendar.  It’s easy to use, easy to add events to, and super mobile-friendly.  VCW’s event calendar  is an extension of our efforts to facilitate collaboration between Vermont organizations doing work with women and girls, and to increase public awareness and participation of these activities.

Are you interested in supporting a local women’s related cause and nonprofit? Consider donating or signing up to volunteer to help support women in our communities. 

Learn More!


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