Vermont Seriously Threatened by President Trump’s Proposed FY18 Federal Budget – Find Out More

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Vermont nonprofit and government agencies have been tracking the actions of President Trump and the Congress closely since Inauguration Day. The roll out of a new national health care plan could cost Vermont $200 million in federal funding (VTDigger, 3/15/17). This week’s unveiling of the President’s $1.15 trillion FY18 federal budget  proposes a “far-reaching overhaul of federal government spending that would slash many domestic programs to finance a significant increase in the military and make a down payment on a US-Mexico border wall” (The Guardian 3/16/17).Trump’s proposal seeks to upend Washington with cuts to long-promised campaign targets like foreign aid and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as strong congressional favorites such as medical research, help for homeless veterans and community development grants.By all accounts, the proposed budget, with mixed supports from the Republican held Congress will have a devastating effect on the people and environment of Vermont. Slated for reduction or elimination: agriculture, environment, arts and culture, science and research, education, housing, anti-poverty, energy efficiency, community development block grants and more.

“What Trump Cut in His Budget” (Washington Post, 3/16/17) provides a comprehensive look at how federal agencies and programs will be reduced or eliminated. “What Trump’s Budget Could Mean for the Affected Agencies” (New York Times, 3/16/17) also delves into the impact on Science, the Arts, the State Department, HUD, the Environment and the Military.  Closer to home, reports that “Trump Budget Cuts Would Gut Federal Funds to Vermont” 3/17/17 and would be disproportionately felt in rural areas and by the nation’s poorest families. VPR News also provides this in-depth look: What Trumps Budget Proposal Means for Vermont (3/16/17)

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