4 Steps to Creating and Sharing Your Giving Day Profile Masterpiece

Image from CARA’s Giving Day Profile

Our friends at GiveGab have some great advice for creating effective Giving Day profiles.

There’s an artist within each of us just waiting for the chance to express itself. And, lucky for you, creating your Giving Day profile can easily become a form of artistic expression!

As with most Giving Days, the momentum of the day involves other participating organizations or groups, making it that much more important to let your story shine through your profile to help you stand out from the crowd.

The following steps will help you create and share your Giving Day masterpiece.

1. Customize Your Profile
2. Beautify Your Donation Levels
3. Ask Fundraisers to Share Your Work!
4. Dress Up Your Donation Receipts

Read the full article and see examples here.

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