4 Ways to Start Using Nonprofit Storytelling in Your Online Fundraising

Whether or not you tell your story in a compelling way can make or break your fundraising campaign. GiveGab makes storytelling within your online campaigns easier.

Do your online fundraising campaigns tell a compelling story?

Nonprofit storytelling doesn’t need to be confined to your ‘About Us’ or communication outreach strategy. In fact, it’s beneficial to share your story on your organization’s website and within your fundraising campaigns.

With GiveGab’s online fundraising and supporter management platform, it’s almost too easy to implement storytelling (as well as stewardship) within your online campaigns!



Here are four ways you can start using nonprofit storytelling in your online fundraising:

1. Tell Your Story
2. Add Visuals
3. Provide Some Background
4. Motivate Your Audience

Read the full article and see examples here.

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