6 Actions Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers Take

GiveGab-peertopeerEach day, more and more people use GiveGab to fundraise and make a difference for the nonprofits they love.

When we built a custom toolkit for peer-to-peer fundraisers or “nonprofit champions” who use our site, we studied the most crucial steps that these individuals take to surpass their goals and make the largest impact compared to their peers.

What we found was that the most outstanding peer-to-peer fundraisers do the following six things:

1. Tell a Compelling Personal Story
2. Make a Donation First
3. Reach Out Directly
4. Share Socially
5. Provide Updates
6. Always Thank Supporters

Keep Moving Forward!

As a peer-to-peer fundraiser, you’re in a position to make a huge difference for a charitable organization, and we’d like to take a second to tell you that you are awesome!

All of your efforts are worthwhile, so keep pushing on and remember – you’re not in it alone.

Read the full article and get examples here

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