A Spending Bill Summary for Nonprofits: Trump Gets Warned and Threatened Cuts Don’t Materialize

Published by the Nonprofit Quarterly, May 2, 2017, written by Ruth McCambridge and Michael Wyland: 

Amid rumors of a disconnect between the president and GOP members of Congress, an agreement has been reached on a federal spending plan of more than $1 trillion, although that will cover only the next five months. The bill retains and in some cases increases funding for many of the domestic programs threatened by Trump’s campaign and his still-nascent administration. Thus, it does not represent an immediate disaster for nonprofits and communities. Are we seeing a corrective trend in progress or is this just a temporary reprieve?

Trump’s stated spending priority was the military, but the budget reflects only half of what he had requested at $15 billion. The $18 billion in domestic spending reductions the administration sought were not forthcoming. Some notable programs remained virtually untouched: no cuts to Planned Parenthood, the National Institutes of Health (which got a $2 billion increase instead of the $1.2 billion cut that was requested by the administration), the Legal Services Corporation, the National Endowment of the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Additionally, the proposed border wall was not funded, and the EPA retains 99 percent of its budget despite threats of a 40 percent cut.


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