Register for the 2017 Vermont Gives Day of Giving!

The 2nd Annual Vermont Gives Day of Giving is just over one month away! There is still time to register and get your campaign started.

As you know, Vermont Gives is designed to raise as much money and awareness as possible for Vermont’s nonprofits within a 24-­hour Giving Day. Last year, participating organizations raised more than $83,000 and we’re hoping that this year’s campaign will be even bigger and better!

We will once again work with GiveGab to provide the platform for Vermont Gives. We are excited about the improvements that they have made based on feedback from those of you who participated last year. Organization profiles are much more robust and signing up fundraising champions is much easier.

New Date, New Times

For 2017, Vermont Gives will be a 24-hour period beginning June 7th at 6pm and running through June 8th at 6pm. This change allows us all—donors, nonprofit staff, and Common Good Vermont staff alike—to maximize participation during the most exciting times: kick off for the first donations and when the timer buzzes for the tally of the final totals and prizes. We hope that his will make the event more fun—and more successful—for all.

What do I need to do?

Since you participated last year (or at least created an account), you simply need to visit and search for your organization. Click on the participate button to get to your GiveGab dashboard (you will need to sign in with your admin account). On your dashboard, click on participate again to get added to the list of participating organizations.

If you have registered:

Remember to finish customizing your page and uploading your donation information! Our last webinar is  10 Steps to Success: Only 3 weeks to go, but there’s still time to get ready for Vermont Gives! Wednesday, 5/10 at 12 PM

If you get stuck…

There’s a small chat icon in the lower right corner on every page of the Vermont Gives site. Use this if you are having trouble with any feature of the site. The GiveGab staff is friendly and responsive and will answer any questions that they can.

    SIGN UP NOW    

P.S. Don’t forget to register for last training webinar 10 Steps to Success: Only 3 weeks to go, but there’s still time to get ready for Vermont Gives! Wednesday, 5/10 at 12 PM

In this webinar, we review the last-minute strategies you can focus on today to have a great Vermont Gives! This is a great webinar to attend if you’ve missed the first couple or want a quick refresher course of the great content in the previous webinars.

Register Today. 

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