Susan Palmer Consulting: Resilience and Renewal

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I recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed on a local television show about “How to Integrate Renewal Into Your Busy Day” with my friend Lauren-Glenn Davitian, the Executive Director of Common Good Vermont.  In the portion of our conversation about how to nurture kindness and connection with others when so many of us are attached to our devices all the time, Lauren-Glenn and I had an illuminating “mini coaching session” regarding her intention to change her smartphone habits at home.  You can watch a brief clip of it on my website.  We also discussed what kinds of daily routines – in addition to the basics of sufficient sleep and good nutrition – leaders can cultivate to maintain a perpetual cycle of renewal. Specifically, Lauren-Glenn asked about my longstanding “20-20-20” resiliency practice, which I wrote about in my Leadership Library blog last month.  If you have feedback about “20-20-20,” or have another juicy renewal practice to share, I would love to hear from you.


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