3 Tips to Improve Your Organizational Performance

clearimpactAs a leader, the goals you set for your organization will be instrumental in achieving the change you want in your community. Consider the after-school program that triples the number of children who earn a B-plus or above; the Fire Department that can raise the percentage of fires contained to the room of origin within a calendar year; or the foundation that meets its goal of ensuring that 75 percent of grantees make measurable improvements on their performance measures.

It doesn’t matter what sector or field you’re in. If you want to create a culture of results within your organization, make sure that those around you understand who the customers are and what they can do for them. Then create performance measures that will indicate whether the customer will be any better off as a result of your service. But how can you then motivate and inspire your staff to improve these measure?

Read on for 3 tips to improve the performance of your organization from Clear Impact.

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