House Speaker Mitzi Johnson’s Statement On Passage Of The State Budget

“Legislative leaders stepped up to find a way to avoid a state government shutdown after the Governor’s veto put Vermonters in a really tough position. The budget passed the legislature in the Spring with nearly unanimous support and made critical new investments in higher education, mental health care, affordable housing, economic development, and childcare. The budget did not raise taxes or fees, it replenished budget reserves, and strengthened our communities.

After the Governor’s veto, everyone came to the table to focus on a compromise that worked for all parties. Compromise involves everyone getting a bit of what they want, while giving up parts of what they had hoped. We achieved that sweet spot with this bill.

This agreement codified the legislature’s willingness to meet the governor halfway on his proposal. In these negotiations, we focused on proposals that your local representatives supported with their votes at one point or another during this long process.  The budget, with the accompanying yield bill language, passed the House and Senate today during the special session.

We are proud of the work we did this session for our state. Vermonters can be very proud of the Legislature’s budget, its tripartisan support, and the solid, fiscally responsible investments the legislature made in our communities and economy to ensure our state is stays on the path to a strong, healthy future.”

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