The Container for YOUR Skilled and Collaborative Leadership

Check out this specially priced webinar from our friends at Round Sky Solutions.

roundskysolutionsAre you feeling like no matter how hard you work that you’re not quite getting to where you want to be? Do you value including all the diverse perspectives and experiences on your team? And, you’re finding that its difficult to live out your values while also reaching your goals.

We’ve been there. And, we crafted highly effective tools just for you (and us!). Well-functioning workplaces demand strong interpersonal and organizational skills. And when you’re working closely with any team, it takes a high level of communication to ensure everyone is on the same page. Not all communication feels productive though. There are many ways to have open, inclusive conversations that do not lead to clear results, increased understanding, or movement on projects. Collab™ 101 provides you with the necessary skills and practices to communicate effectively in your team.

Accessibility is a value we hold, so we’ve made our invaluable online course, Collab 101, available on a Sliding Scale for a Limited Time (starting at just $10!)! Enroll in Collab 101: The Essentials of Collaborative Leadership today to reach your goals alongside living out your values of shared and inclusive leadership!

Collab 101 is an online course for collaborators including 8 learning modules, our community of practice forums, and Live Training Calls –all designed to expand your capacity as a leader and bring joy and ease to the shared leadership in your teams. If you value democratic teams and want to strengthen your leadership and your team’s processes, Collab 101 is for you!

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