FREE Webinar: 4 Tips for Achieving True Accountability in Your Teams 7/27

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Today at 4:15pm ET, we are hosting our next webinar on accountability in the Collaborative Leadership Webinar Series. We’ve discussed power dynamics in our teams, navigating founder’s syndrome, and practices for meetings that don’t suck. Today, we’re diving into building accountability in our teams! This topic, how to get working accountability in our teams, feels particularly important to me as I’ve been in teams where the lack of processes for ensuring follow through was extremely damaging to our work together and our relationships with one another. As I bring my full self to my work, I’m learning that the personal and emotional field are inseparable from my work. And so, I’m excited to share this work with you all as we are all learning how to work better and with more accountability together!
With that, join our FREE webinar on 4 Tips for Achieving True Accountability in Your Teams. Here’s a hint, the answer is not micromanagement!
We know it’s on your mind because ‘how to get accountability’ gets 93 MILLION results in a Google search! Building workable accountability for ourselves and our teams can be really challenging, especially in this day with so many competing and complex demands. And, micromanaging our teammates is damaging to both a healthy work ethic and workplace relationships.
In the webinar, you’ll learn some key tactics for how to get true accountability with the members on your team on a regular basis while expanding capacity to get more done and to strengthen relationships at the same time.

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