Save Around Offers Vermont Nonprofits Fundraising Products

SaveAround is a family owned and operated company that prints and distributes community based fundraising coupon books thought out the country. Last year we sold over 4 million books helping nonprofit local fundraiser’s raise over 40 million dollars.

Here is a basic outline of our program:

EACH BOOK SELLS FOR $25: Member groups will keep $12.50 per book sold from the very first book sold !

NO DOOR TO DOOR SALES: We will provide your members with one fundraising packet (including a book) for each seller to take home as a sample. Let family, friends and co-workers view the actual product. This will greatly increase your sales and make for a fast and profitable fundraiser.

RISK FREE FUNDRAISING: All books are on consignment! There is no up-front charge to get started. We cover the cost of shipping to and from; we will pick-up any unsold books when you are finished. You only pay for what you sell and there are no minimum requirements to meet.

PRIZE PROGRAM / SPECIAL PROMOTION: Each member who sells five books will receive one book free as a prize

Click here to view the Northern Vermont Edition

Click here to view the National Edition.

Each book has over $5,000 in Local, Regional and National discounts.It also includes a Mobile App with over

200,000 Local, Regional and National merchants across the USA.

Let’s get together and help your nonprofit run a fundraiser with Real Value!

I will be happy to send a hard copy on request.

Please contact for more details.

Dick Froiseth

607.584.5118 – office

607.624.3570 – direct


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