9 Self-Care Strategies in the Era of Trump

Source: Nonprofit And Friends

kitten-1285341_1280-624x413Hi everyone. I know that it seems indulgent to discuss self-care when people in Puerto Rico are suffering and dying without power or water or baby formula while our president attacks athletes and calls the mayor of San Juan nasty from the safety of his golf course. But all of us are in the work to make the world better, so we have to take care of ourselves. Because, unfortunately, our work is only going to increase.


So, here are some self-care tips:

Donate to organizations on the ground. It feels horrible to read the news about people drinking out of creeks and children running out of food and not be able to do anything about it. But we CAN do something about it. Give cash! As much as you can! Here’s a bunch of orgs in Puerto Rico you can give to. And remember how much we all hate restricted funding? Make sure your donation is general operating so that these orgs can use it however would be most effective.

Download this kitten Chrome extension: It replaces pictures of 45 with pictures of kittens! That’s right, now you can read the news, and instead of getting angry and despondent and losing faith in humanity, you can bask in the cuteness of these adorable kittens! Aw, look at this little kitty and its cute little feet! It makes you almost forget about the potential nuclear war with North Korea.

Get more self-care tips.

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