It’s Halloween. Is Your Board Afraid of … Fundraising?

Source: TrainYourBoard


What scares you? What scares your board?

If your list includes “asking for money,” believe me, you’re not alone.

You know what’s really scary? Missing your fundraising goals. Not making your budget.

When fear inhibits your fundraising, you have a serious problem.

In the spirit of Halloween, today’s post is all about bringing out the scary stuff – and dealing with it.

Fundraising Therapy, Part 1 – Getting Over the Fear of Fundraising

Fear of fundraising, like many fears, is irrational. You can address it through education, practice, and lots of positive reinforcement.

I’m sharing two of my favorite fear reduction exercises. Use these with your board, staff, and volunteers – anyone who wants to learn about fundraising – to increase their confidence and reduce their resistance.

If you’re ready for a little fundraising therapy, READ MORE HERE!

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