New Data Reveals Giving Tuesday Is a Goldmine of New Donors

Source: Classy

This piece was written by the manager of Classy’s data insights team, Dr. Ben Cipollini.

In 2016, 3.5 percent of all transactions on Classy occurred on Giving Tuesday alone. That’s 13 times more than a typical day on the platform. Overall, the movement raised $177 million worldwide, a 50 percent increase from the previous year. These incredible Giving Tuesday data spikes speak for themselves: people are participating in the movement, and it warrants your attention.

Nonetheless, some organizations are still hesitant to join in on Giving Tuesday. They think their efforts will decrease donations in other campaigns, like year-end fundraising.

To address these concerns, we compared the Classy platform’s donation volume on Giving Tuesday to that during year-end giving, specifically around December 31, and disaster relief. We also compared Giving Tuesday donation volume to typical days 4 and 6 weeks earlier, to have comparison points that aren’t affected by the strong day-of-week and monthly trends in fundraising data.


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