Submit your Letter of Intent by December 15 for Rural Business Development Grant funding in 2018.

Do you have a plan to support businesses and create jobs in your community? – Apply now for grant funding.
About Rural Business Development Grants:
USDA Rural Development provides funding to non-profits and municipalities for projects that benefit business and grow the rural economy.  Projects provide technical assistance to local businesses, support services that foster community  development, and strengthen institutions that spark the rural economy. The average award size is $30,000.
The Rural Business Development Grant program (RBDG) has two components:
  • Rural Business Enterprise Activities:  Technical assistance activities that will benefit businesses to create and retain jobs, such as marketing assistance, website design, expert consultancy services, and assistance with business plans.  Also encouraged are equipment purchases, such as shared-business incubator equipment (grantee must retain ownership).
  • Rural Business Opportunity Activities:  Opportunity activities promote sustainable economic development in rural communities.  Funds can provide for economic planning or to identify, train, and provide technical assistance to existing or prospective rural entrepreneurs and managers.  Comprehensive area wide planning is also possible, however, please contact Rural Development for more information.
To Apply:
1) Visit the Vermont and New Hampshire RBDG websites for program information, the notice of solicitation of funding and application materials (located under the Forms and Resources tab).
2) Submit a Letter of Intent by Friday, Dec. 15, 2017.
3) Submit a completed application before close of business Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018.
For more information:
Vermont Applicants: Contact Susan Poland, Business Programs Specialist, at (802) 828-6002 or by email at
New Hampshire Applicants: Contact Heather Gronlund, Business Programs Specialist, at (602) 223-6041 or .

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