A Letter to Santa From the Nonprofit Sector

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santa-624x416Dear Santa,

I know you are extremely busy. I mean, you are technically a nonprofit, and this is December after all. My colleagues are wrapped up in licking thousands of envelopes, handwriting tons of thank-you notes, organizing a gazillion events for the community, and consuming leftover holiday party wine and chips. (Stop judging us, Santa. Like your lunch is always so balanced). Since they are occupied with year-end tasks, I asked my colleagues what they wanted from you, and I’m synthesizing their responses, to save you some time. I am writing a letter to you on behalf of all of us in the nonprofit sector.

Santa, this has been a horrible year. First-episode-of-Black-Mirror horrible. Superman-IV:-Quest-for-Peace horrible. And many of us are not exactly looking forward to next year either. It’s OK. All of us are rolling up our Ross-Dress-for-Less sleeves and are determined to fight for a just and inclusive society.

It won’t be easy though. That’s why we need you. You can help us out by granting some of these wishes below. This Christmas, please give us:

  1. A society that values us and allows us to do our work: Once a while, we get thanked by a donor or another community member, and it carries us through the weeks and months. But if you can make society appreciate us a little more, and then support our work instead of making it more difficult with funding restrictions and unreasonable demands and stupid jokes like “Those are nice shoes; are you sure donations are going to programs, hawhaw?” that would be so great. And if we can get some more TV shows and moviesabout our work, that would be awesome too. Please make sure the actors who play us are as attractive as we do-gooders naturally all are.



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