Creative Wellness Efforts to Impact your Culture on a Small Budget

Source: Nonprofit HR


Now more than ever, the topic of health and wellness is becoming a popular discussion in our society. Adopting a holistic and healthier lifestyle not only has significance in one’s personal life, but in the workplace as well. As an HR professional, I often receive questions from applicants regarding a prospective employer’s health and wellness program. Based on those experiences, it’s clear that this benefit offering continues to increase in value.

When thinking of the myriad of benefits currently in the market and of the various carriers who offer them, one may think that only larger companies with extra finances to spare are equipped to implement a comprehensive wellness program. Indeed, having more resources can develop dynamic health and wellness programs, but smaller organizations with more limitations (i.e. lower budget and resources) shouldn’t count themselves out of the potential impact they could have on their employees. According to a recent webcast given by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 78% of employees who are in good health are also happy with their jobs. Because employees spend most of their time in the workplace, employers have a unique space to create opportunities for employees to maintain good health.



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