#HRCaresToo: Preventing Workplace Harassment & Protecting Victims at Your Nonprofit

Source: Nonprofit HR

National news organization NPR recently found itself in the midst of a crisis as the outlet’s top news executive was forced to resign due to sexual harassment claims, proving that even the social sector is not immune to harassment scandals. And at nonprofit organizations, the fallout from harassment might be even greater than it is at for-profits. Nonprofit organizations are expected to practice what they preach when it comes to social issues, and even a seemingly minor harassment scandal can lead to the loss of major donor dollars, constituent support and valuable employees.

Your organization must not only prepare to handle cases of harassment if and when they occur, but also proactively work to prevent harassment from happening in the first place. Nonprofit human resources professionals have the opportunity––and responsibility––to take the lead in preventing harassment and advocating for and protecting its victims. Take action now, not just because the reputation of your organization is on the line, but because it is simply the right thing to do.

Join the conversation about the role nonprofit human resources professionals must play in preventing workplace harassment by using the hashtag #HRCaresToo on Twitter.



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