Press Release: LRSWMD is Seeking Proposals to Facilitate Instructional Video

The LRSWMD is seeking proposals to facilitate the development of an instructional/promotional video of the
newest LRSWMD facility, Lamoille Soil.  The finished video will credit grantors and local partners while
showcasing the composting process from countertop to flower bed.  Please submit a proposal, including links to
examples of your work by Friday, February 9. Proposals should be emailed to Reviews
will begin immediately.
Proposals should include the following:
 How the project manager will work with the LRSWMD Outreach Manager to best meet the intention
of the vision and purpose of the project
 Overall approach for the project, including concepts if able. Scope may be refined once project begins.
 Examples of previous work; link to website may be adequate
 Indication of availability during project period
 Estimated, itemized budget
 Primary and secondary contact persons, including current contact information

For review of full proposal details, please visit 22-04- 24-34

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