Train Your Board: You and the New Tax Law

Thank you to Andy Robinson for sharing his Train Your Board series:

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act creates several challenges for nonprofits – but not the ones you think.

As I travel across the country, I hear lots of concerns about the possible impact on charitable giving – but that’s not likely the biggest impact.

Today’s guest post, from author Kim Klein, lays out both the problems associated with the new law, and also the opportunities.

The New Tax Law: How It Affects Nonprofits and Fundraising

Kim describes, in specific detail, how you can respond by:

  • Deeping relationships with your donors
  • Taking advantage of the remaining tax incentives, including the IRA Rollover Provision
  • Stepping up your advocacy for justice and equity

Spoiler alert: Kim doesn’t anticipate a big reduction in giving – and neither do I.

As you’ll read, the charitable deduction was never a primary motivator for most donors. If you focus on relationship-building, you can continue to fund your important work, regardless of changes in the law.

In fact, if your organization focuses on advocacy, this is your moment. The nonprofit community – which is a powerhouse, accounting for roughly 10% of U.S. economic activity – could be a much more assertive force for policy change.

Take a look at today’s post. Do you agree…or disagree?

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