The Gender Gap Pay is a Sleeper Threat to Nonprofit Effectiveness and Sustainability

Source: National Council of Nonprofits 

Women rule the nonprofit sector – in numbers, if not in pay. The majority (approximately 72 percent) of charitable nonprofits in the US are led by women but women represent only 48 percent of board members and 42 percent of board chairs, according to the 2017 report, Leading with Intent. (BoardSource). GuideStar’s compensation report for 2016 found that women CEOs of nonprofits were paid 8 percent less than their male counterparts. As a result, the gender pay gap has a destabilizing effect on the leadership of the charitable nonprofit community. If we widen the data to include all positions, not only CEOs/executive directors, and apply the pay gap documented by the AAUW and others to a largely female work force, we can see how significant the gender pay gap is for charitable nonprofits and foundations as a whole. Obviously, the pay gap results in significantly less economic power in the short-term. Now consider the long-term: when magnified over the length of any woman worker’s tenure, and compounded annually, the pay gap creates significantly fewer dollars devoted towards employer-supported retirement savings and discretionary dollars for women to invest in their own retirement or health insurance.

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