Vermont Women’s Mentoring Program Training Opportunity at Mercy Connections

Mercy Connections continues to partner with the Vermont Department of Corrections to mentor women making the transition from Vermont’s correctional facilities back into the community. These women face significant barriers and mentors have a profound impact supporting individual women as they work to rebuild their lives.
Our mentors come from all walks of life and often say the experience is rewarding and life changing – that they receive more from their mentees than they give. We provide a 5-week training program and ongoing support, and match mentors and mentees carefully to help ensure their experience will be successful. People interested do not need to be familiar with the criminal justice system or have mentoring experience to participate. To become a mentor, join us on May 16, 2018 at 5:30 pm for Orientation at Mercy Connections in Burlington, Vt.
For more information on the Vermont Women’s Mentoring Program, Mentor Training, or to learn more about justice initiatives, please contact Joanne Nelson, Director of Justice & Mentoring Programs, at (802) 846-7164 or
Mercy Connections is an educational values-driven non-profit organization living the legacy of the Sisters of Mercy with an enduring concern for women. By compassionately nurturing self-sufficiency through education, mentoring, entrepreneurship and community, people are empowered to make significant life changes.

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