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Introduction to Corporate Giving

August 1, 2:00 PM (ET)

Is your organization ready to seek corporate support?

Corporate grantmakers are different from traditional foundations in many ways. This class provides a basic overview of:

  • The different types of corporate giving
  • What motivates corporations to give
  • How to find potential corporate partners


Motivate Monday with Fundraising Expert Pamela Grow

August 6, 13, 20, 27

1:00 PM (ET)

How are nonprofit professionals jumpstarting their week with purpose? Join us for Motivate Monday where:

  • Every Monday we share your wins
  • Feature a special guest with a quick tip to get your week started right
  • And close with a Q&A session

Introduction to Fundraising Planning

August 8, 2:00 PM (ET)

Does your organization need help directing its fundraising efforts? Planning focuses your organization by setting fundraising priorities and helps give staff and board members a roadmap to success.

This introductory class will provide you the basic steps for developing a fundraising plan, including tips on:

  • Making your case for support
  • Diversifying your organization’s fundraising base
  • Creating a plan of action

Data Enrichment 101: Best Practices to Optimize Your Donor Database

August 9, 1:00 PM (ET)

Your database is a gold mine of insight. It can help you understand your constituents, connect with them in meaningful ways, and optimize your fundraising programs.

Join us for this one-hour webinar, where you’ll get tips and best practices for evaluating data hygiene, implementing a data clean-up plan, and performing regular database maintenance. With a comprehensive data clean-up plan in place, you’ll be well on your way to joining the thousands of nonprofits that use data effectively to optimize their fundraising programs.


Creating a Comprehensive and Engaging Volunteer Training Program

August 9, 2:00 PM (ET)

What do your volunteers need to know to be successful? This webinar will start with the basics and help you understand how to determine what information you should be sharing with your volunteers, and how that can be used to create a curriculum. We’ll then discuss how to present this information in a variety of ways using different delivery methods that appeal to adult learners. Assessing what your volunteers have learned, and creating ongoing training and professional development training for your volunteers will also be covered.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What information should you share with new volunteers?
  • How can you turn regularly shared new volunteer info into a curriculum?
  • How is adult learning different from child learning?
  • How can you tell how much training new volunteers are absorbing?

How to Produce Captivating Digital Content

August 14, 11:00 AM (PT)

In recent years, maintaining a blog on your nonprofit’s website has gone from a “nice to have” to a baseline component of your organization’s online presence.

But beyond traditional blogs, video content such as animated explainers and even live-action shorts have also taken center stage as popular form of digital content. Producing these materials can provide a great deal of benefit to your organization and your ability to connect with community.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What “digital content” means
  • How your nonprofit can benefit from producing quality digital content
  • How to determine what type of content your nonprofit should produce
  • Best practices in the art of storytelling
  • Producing content: Logistics

Understanding Soft Risk in Volunteer Engagement

August 14, 2:00 PM (ET)

We all worry about the hard risks that can have an impact on our volunteers and the work they do, but too often we don’t think about the soft risk. Soft risks are the attitudes, beliefs and actions that expose our organizations to risks. Those risks may include the actions of staff – both paid and volunteer, interactions on social media, lack of training for leaders and volunteers – leading to risky behavior, and how failing to screen for characteristics or “fit” can open volunteers and the organization up to risk. This webinar is designed to help attendees identify soft risks in their organization and give them the tools to make changes to processes and culture to minimize and address these risks.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand how your organization’s culture of volunteer engagement may be opening it up to soft risk.
  • Lead your organization through a soft risk assessment.
  • Design communication and training plans to address soft risk.

Making the Case for Investing in Your Greatest Asset: Non-Profit People

August 14, 2:00 PM (ET)

People are the greatest asset in any nonprofit organization. By investing in the talent needs of your staff, you can increase their effectiveness while also making the organization more sustainable. But what does that investment look like? Find out how funders and nonprofits can work together to support and develop nonprofit professionals and leaders. Get an inside look at talent-investing in practice and learn how to use it in your own organization.

Talent-investment is defined as the intentional deployment of resources to support and develop nonprofit professionals and leaders. Join Fund the People to learn how to invest in the talent of nonprofit organizations as part of your strategy and practices. This type of support is needed now more than ever, due to the many challenges that nonprofits are facing in today’s difficult political and social climate.

Curious about the answers to the following questions? Join us!

  • What does it look like to invest in nonprofit talent?
  • What types of interventions are available?
  • What works?
  • What are we learning?

Receive practical guidance on how funder talent-investments can increase effectiveness, equity and inclusion, performance, impact, and sustainability in nonprofits, and how to bake it into your work. You’ll also hear directly from a funder and nonprofit grantee partner about what talent-investing looks like in practice and what they are learning.


How to Use Nonprofit Content Marketing to Drastically Increase Donors

August 14, 2:00 PM (ET)

Want to get the word out about your nonprofit and get more donors contributing to your cause? Implementing a strategic multichannel content marketing strategy will help produce the results you need.

In the Academy’s next leadership webinar, we will present a unique content marketing/business partner strategy for outstanding donor recruitment & retention.

Discover how to find the right content partners, and how to maximize your content to reach the most donors. Seating is limited as this training will use Zoom meetings for a more hands-on, personalized training experience.

Who should attend? This session is designed for any nonprofit organization wanting to learn more about strategic content marketing, and for those who have already developed a great strategy and want to use content marketing specifically for donor recruitment.

This webinar will teach you how to:

  • secure business partners to help with the program
  • define the ideal audience and optimize your content for engagement and conversion
  • integrate content with other relevant high-value content
  • expand your reach using a multichannel strategy
  • use tools and resources to stay organized and simplify content development
  • measure your efforts to prove content impact on fundraising
  • Plus, you gain access to a private nonprofit leadership networking group for ongoing brainstorming and problem solving

Introduction to Finding Grants

August 15, 2:00 PM (ET)

Are you new to the field of grantseeking?

Discover what funders are looking for in nonprofits seeking grants and how to find potential funders in this introductory course.

You will learn the 10 most important things you need to know about finding grants, including:

  • Who funds nonprofits and what are their motivations.
  • What do funders really want to know about the organizations they are interested in funding.
  • How do you identify potential funders and make the first approach.

Managing Difficult Volunteer Transitions

August 15, 2:00 PM (ET)

What do you do when it’s time to ask a volunteer to leave your organization? This webinar will give you the tools to address challenges around difficult volunteers, volunteers aging in place, and suggestions to minimize these situations in the future. Suggestions for determining when a volunteer should be terminated, and making it easier on you, other volunteers, and staff will be presented. The role that risk management plays in these decisions will also be included.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to prepare your organization for difficult transitions
  • How to identify transitions that need to be made
  • How to manage difficult transitions and strategies for ending the volunteering relationship
  • Know where to go to get resources and help

What is Our Money Story? And How Do We Tell It?

August 16, 1:00 PM (ET)

Do you or your staff and board members feel uncomfortable talking about money?

It’s much easier to talk about your amazing work. But that is only one component of successful fundraising communication.

Letting your supporters know the costs of keeping water clean, mentoring children, changing laws, or helping veterans is equally important. Sharing costs alone is dry and uninspiring but when your money story is combined with a story about one person –  people listen. And often, they give more and stay giving longer.

This training will show you how to reduce “talking about money” discomfort and show you how to powerfully include your money story in your fundraising communication.

Learning objectives:

  • Why we shy away from talking about money and what to do about it
  • What is a money story
  • How to calculate your money story
  • How to articulate your money story
  • How to powerfully combine your money story with a mission moment

How to Promote Your Online Fundraising Campaign

August 16, 1:00 PM (ET)

If you build it, they will come – right? Not so in the fast-moving, noisy, and cluttered online landscape! Once you have designed an online fundraising campaign, how will you get people to pay attention? Simply sending out one or two emails is not enough!

In this free 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn tactics to use your website, email list, and social media channels to promote your online fundraising campaign and achieve your goals!

Key Takeaways

  • How to use video in your online fundraising campaign
  • A Campaign Calendar you can adapt and use at your nonprofit
  • Several free and low-cost ways to promote your campaign
  • Examples from small and mid-sized nonprofits who have successfully raised money online

Getting Aligned on Finance and Mission Strategy

August 22, 1:00 PM (ET)

What do finance and development have in common? A goal to keep the organization on the path to successfully fulfilling its mission. So, it’s critical that finance and development are aligned, not only on this overarching goal, but also on the path they’ll take to getting there. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

In this panel discussion webinar, industry experts will discuss how finance and development can work together to determine the organization’s path to mission success.


Introduction to Proposal Writing

August 22, 2:00 PM (ET)

Are you new to proposal writing or want a quick refresher? If so, you don’t want to miss one of our most popular classes!

This class will provide you with an overview of how to write a standard project proposal to a foundation. It will include:

  • The basic elements of a proposal
  • The “do’s” and “don’ts” of writing and submitting a proposal
  • How to follow up whether the answer is yes or no

How to Captivate and Engage Constituents with Your Website

August 22, 2:30 PM (ET)

Everything you do as a nonprofit organization leads people back to your website. It is the center of your marketing universe and home base of your brand. Does your website captivate and engage people or is it merely an online brochure with a few photos and mission statement? In this session, we will share more than a decade of focus group research that reveals:

  • The 5 elements of an engaging website.
  • The one thing every nonprofit should be thinking about, but isn’t.
  • Real-world examples of nonprofit organizations that have mastered their online presence.

#GivingTuesday Game Plan

August 29, 12:00 PM (ET)

#GivingTuesday is the biggest giving day of the year and just 12 weeks away! The best way to have a successful Giving Tuesday is to build momentum online and offline. Join Kristal M. Johnson as she shares five components in cultivating a community of connected and engaged donors.  At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will receive a #GivingTuesday 12-week timeline.


Introduction to Project Budgets

August 29, 2:00 PM (ET)

Are you ready to start fundraising for your project or idea, but don’t know what and how much to ask for? If preparing a budget for your foundation grant is holding you back, come learn the basic elements of how to draft a project budget with confidence.

This class will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to generate a standard project budget for a foundation proposal. We will discuss:

  • The basic components of a project budget including income and expenses
  • How to estimate the realistic cost of a project
  • What other financial documents you may also need to submit with your proposal

Corporate Matching Gifts: The Beginner’s Essential Skills

August 30, 1:00 PM (ET)

Corporate matching gifts are the most important source of revenue you’re probably missing out on. It’s not personal — overall, between $6 and $10 billion in matched donations are left unclaimed by nonprofits every year. So what can you do to change that? In this educational webinar, the presenter will take attendees through everything they need to know about matching gifts. This crash course in corporate matching gifts will include breakdowns of the matching gift process, an overview of popular corporate matching gift programs, and techniques for marketing matching gifts to donors, all with real examples from nonprofits.

Attendees will walk away with actionable strategies to enhance and measure their matching gift performance.



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