For the Love of Collective Impact


Written and shared by Jodi D. Clark. Portions of this piece previously appeared on with contributions from Julie Fahnestock, BStorytelling. Collective impact is all the rage these days in the nonprofit/mission driven sector.  Community partners from across sectors are … Continued

Learn from the Pros – D.I.C.E.: Don’t Roll Snake Eyes with Strategic Change

Marty Jacobs has worked with countless nonprofits and government agencies and knows that 80% of all “change management” efforts fail. If you’ve ever worked on a strategic plan and then tried to implement it, you’ll know how hard it is to actually change the way you do business. That’s why Marty is so excited to talk about a useful framework for implementing strategic change. We had a great discussion in White River Junction (at the studios of CATV) last week with Marty and a small group of smart nonprofit leaders about what good planning means and how to overcome the predictable barriers to that keep your people and organization from doing its best work.

It’s called D.I.C.E. — what you need to make your change effort succeed: Duration (enough time), Integrity (quality of the team), Commitment (from the bottom and the TOP), and Effort (realistic assessment of what it takes). This “tool” is informed by a seminal article “The Hard Side of Change Management” researched and written by Harold L. Sirkin, Perry Keenan, and Alan Jackson and published in the Harvard Business Review in October 2005. Here’s more…