October 20th is National Community Media Day

Community media provides local producers, journalists, community members, media professionals, nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies with the resources to produce television programming and have their voice heard at little to no cost, building our community through media.  On October … Continued

Report: Improving Student Performance

From Philanthropy News Digest: Improving student performance and college readiness rates in poor urban school districts requires greater collaboration between schools and the community, more resources and a re-tooling of the out-of-school-time programming infrastructure, and greater engagement and organizing on … Continued

NPO Spotlight: Northern Woodlands

Summer 2011

Thanks to Emily Simone Rowe, Operations Coordinator for the Center for Northern Woodlands Education & Northern Woodlands Magazine for sharing this information with Common Good Vermont. Need some extra inspiration for your classroom? Sign up for one of Northern Woodland’s … Continued