Nonprofit IT & Cybersecurity Survey

Please Help Assess the NeedMany nonprofit organizations dedicate less attention to I.T. security and compliance than recommended, due to tight budgets and busy workloads. That’s why Codestar, Inc. is asking you to help assess the need for a charitable organization that would … Continued

Take the Cyber Security Survey


Help Us Improve Cybersecurity for the Charitable Community by taking this quick survey. Cybercrime cases in the United States and elsewhere continue to grow, and reported breaches of small/medium size businesses and charitable organizations are increasingly common. We believe this is a growing … Continued

Individual Donor Benchmark Survey

Thank you, Andy Robinson, for Sharing this Survey for nonprofit staff: Individual Donor Benchmark Survey is designed to help small US nonprofits (budgets under $2 million) better understand their fundraising data and grow their revenue. Last year’s project surfaced some interesting … Continued